Pulse Meter

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Pulse Meter

Pulse(Rate) meters are for measuring of the rpm/rps and speed of the rotating objects, widely used for controlling of the machines in the various automation processes in order to increase the productivity. Autonics Pulse(Rate) meters, equipped with wide range of operation modes, offer highly precise and reliable measuring even in the ultra high speed rotating of the objects, and its wide variety of the product line-up enables you to choose best fitting solutions to your needs.

Pulse Rate  Meters Autonics Pulse Rate Meter

Relay Card

Limit Switches

SSR (Solid State Relay)


Electronic Hooter

Switched-Mode Power Supply (Smps)


AC Drives

Electromagnetic Relay

Braking Resistor

Connector Cable

Encoder Coupling

Tower Light


Stepper Motor

Pulse Meter

Stepper Driver

Push Button

Rotary Switch

Digital Tachometer

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