Digital Tachometer

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Digital Tachometer

  • Micro-controller based design with world class Indian software.
  • Non-contact sensing through reflected light beam on reflective sticker.
  • LCD display
  • Input sensing indication through LED.
  • Memory facility to retain measured value.
  • Portable, lightweight, strong and elegant ABS enclosure.
  • Accuracy: 1RPM up to 5, 000 RPM and 0.05% of the reading above 5,000 RPM.
  • Resolution: 0.1RPM up to 5,999 RPM and 1RPM at and above 6,000RPM.
  • Calibration certificate provided along with tachometer - traceable to national and international standards.
Digital Photo Sensor Tachometer

Over-all: 72 X 170 X 38mm (W X H X D)

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Digital Tachometer

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