Relay Module

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Relay Card

Available in 1 c/o , 2 c/o , 4 c/o
Available in 2 channel , 4 channel ,8 channel 

  • Relay Module For Industrial Suitability.
  • Switching Current upto 10A at 230VAC (or 30VDC)
  • Low Coil Drive Current (4.7 mA to 100 mA)
  • Easy to replace Pluggable Relays.
  • Possibility of Bussing (Jumpering) relays in common negative or common positive configurations.
  • LED indication to denote relay actuation.
  • Relay Coil Protection by means of a Freewheeling diode.
  • Mounting Options available:DIN Rial mounting& Panel

Supplier of Relay Card


Dealer of Relay Card


Relay Card

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