Pressure Sensor

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Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors are widely used in air pressure mechanics for precise controlling of the equipment. Autonics high accuracy digital pressure sensors are available in 2 product types with 24 different options. Their compact size and optimized features offer the most precise control of air pressure systems and are applied in a variety of applications for different environments in the industry.

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Connector type digital pressure sensors

  • Ideal for a wide range of applications of gas, liquid, and oil. (Inappropriate to corrosion environment for SUS316L)
  • 1/2,000 high resolution for indication
  • Hold/Auto shift input function : Enables to output stably regardless of changing normal primary pressure and One unit performs two units functions (Only for models with Hold/Auto shift input type)
  • 2 independent outputs and N.O./N.C. output selectable
  • Forced-output mode embodied for easy operation test and monitoring
  • One-touch connector type for easy maintenance
  • Analog output (resolution: automatically changes as 1/1,000 or 1/2,000 by display unit,
    voltage : 1-5VDC, current : DC4-20mA)
  • Zero-point adjustment function, peak monitoring function, and chattering prevention function
digital pressure sensor

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Pressure Sensor

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